Things to know for BIOTEC 2017!


Hi everyone!

It’s almost time for BIOTEC 2017! Here are some things to know as we get ready for a fun week:

1. You can find the daily schedule and a map of the best places to park at Each day at 9:30 AM, we will begin in Room 211 of the Biology building (on the second floor), and possibly venturing out to other labs during the course of the day but always finishing in room 211.
2. If you are driving yourself each day, on Monday you will need to come to the location on the map marked “Drop-off” so you can pick up your parking passes for the week. Each pass is good for one day, and you should be given 5 passes in total. (There are no parking restrictions on the weekends.) If you haven’t emailed me before now to request parking passes, we may not have them for you and as a result you will have to pay $5/day for parking.
3. Lunch will only be provided on Saturday, July 1st. Otherwise, you will need to pack a lunch for each day; you won’t be able to venture off and buy food somewhere as there isn’t enough time.
4. Please dress in long pants and close-toed shoes every day! With that said, the cooler you can dress while meeting that requirement the better; we will spend parts of some days outside and it can get quite hot!
5. The final day of the camp, Saturday July 1st, we will be touring some of UCF’s biology research labs in the morning. After lunch, we will have a “research fair” of sorts where students will present on their weeklong research projects to their peers. Parents are welcome for this final portion of the camp, which will begin at approximately 1 PM on Saturday!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! If I forgot anything major, I will make another post and send another email. Otherwise, see you on Monday!

Chris (


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