Dr. F.E. HernándezCoordinator

Dr. Hernández is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Optics in the Department of Chemistry and CREOL/The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida.

Your 2018 instructors:

Chris Long-Instructor and Graduate Student Coordinator (2017-2018)
Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Me turtle

Swaran Nandini-Instructor, Cell Biology


Ian Will- Instructor: Disease Ecology & Parasitology

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Thienthanh Trinh- Instructor: Parasitology


Matt Atkinson- Instructor: Disease Ecology


Jordan Dowell- Instructor: Plant Physiology

Image may contain: Jordan Dowell, standing, mountain, outdoor and nature

Katrina Phillips -Instructor: Animal behavior, anatomy and physiology


Sarah Parker- Non-lead instructor and essential helping hand!



Previous instructors and content creators:

Tiffani Manteuffel (BIOTEC graduate student coordinator, 2014-2016)

Ryan Chabot

Jason Strickland

Matthew Lawrance

Vicki Villanova

Christine Butterfield

Alicia Huber

Molly Grace

Hester Dingle

Katie Mercier

Alex Orfinger

Federico Lopez-Borghesi

Dan Volk



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